Hello Ryeboard!

It’s getting close to a year since the first version of Ryeboard was hastily revealed to the public through Producthunt. Those were some exciting yet chaotic days. Since then, the new team and I have slowed things down and quietly explored the future for this beloved board app.

And now, I’m excited to share our new vision of Ryeboard. It consist of three core feature sets that impact the product in fundamental ways. I hope they open up new, productive ways of doing your work.

But before I go on, I would like to thank everyone in the Ryeboard community for their patience and feedback with our young product. We couldn’t have done any of this without you guys! Now let’s get started shall we?

Data Flexibility with Cards

One of the critical downsides of existing virtual board products is the rigid, lock-in nature of data. This is because the board is treated as the basic unit of data, making it difficult to export and import individual content. Thus, no board app currently allow things like sharing content between boards or exporting specific parts of a board. With Ryeboard, we want data to flow freely and eventually play nice with other third-party solutions. To do so, we introduced the concept of cards. Simply put, all content on Ryeboard are now saved separately from boards. This opened up a lot of interesting features:

  • You can share content between boards (and changes are synchronized across boards!).
  • You can share individual cards instead of entire boards (coming soon!).
  • You can import content directly to your dashboard to use later (through our file / folder importing tool or web clipper app in the near future).

We are really looking forward to fleshing out this new card system in the future. Stay tuned for further developments!

Smart Content Management System

As someone with more than 30 boards and hundreds of cards, I started to ask myself – what’s the point of creating all of this if I can’t find it later? The team and I were surprised to find that searching tools were mediocre at best on current board solutions. The few that had one merely searched the title of boards! What about searching content inside boards? We realized that in order for Ryeboard to be used actively, searching and general content management should be taken seriously. So we created a sophisticated yet intuitive management system that just does that. Care to take a look at its capabilities?

  • You can search through both boards and cards!
  • While searching, you can misspell a word and Ryeboard will still find close results (ex: rybard will still retrieve results containing ryeboard).
  • You can tag cards and add tags while searching. (ex: searching “#marketing #April finance report” will search for cards containing the tags “marketing” and “April” with the words “finance report” in them).

This system will get smarter and more powerful in the future and we hope it will help you be more productive!

Automation and AI

Recently, the team has been exploring possible ways to leverage AI to automate tasks. This is one of the more experimental feature set of this post but we’re still very excited to share our progress with everyone. For now, we tried out features related to the task of topic grouping:

  • You can group cards by topic (currently only supports note cards, support for image cards coming soon!)
  • You can search a topic and Ryeboard will return results pertaining to that topic.
  • More are in the works!

Automation is a new frontier for us and we’re trying out a lot of different things to see how we can most effectively leverage these features. Hold on for more exciting updates!


To summarize: Ryeboard is now much more than just a simple whiteboard app. You can create flexible workflows, manage huge amounts of content effortlessly, and save time with our automation features. Our team is always looking for your feedback so feel free to leave comments here or email us. We hope you join us on this journey to make Ryeboard the best place for your ideas to be!

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