Bootstrapping Ryeboard

I always wanted to keep Ryeboard as transparent to the community as possible. That is why I want to honestly share a recent big decision of my team through this post. We have decided to bootstrap Ryeboard!

Running a startup is hard and not only requires tremendous amount of time but also money. We have been running Ryeboard for five months with personal savings but our coffers are starting to empty. Our original strategy was to focus on growth and cater towards accelerators and venture capital investment. While this is a popular way of funding startups, it requires a lot of time to prepare pitch decks, presentations, and other reports. Bootstrapping on the other hand requires managing expenditures internally with company revenue. While much more difficult to achieve, we believe this is better for us and the community long-term. More time can be spent building and improving Ryeboard and the team and the community will have much more control over the vision of the product.

However, this means we need to start the subscription plans sooner than we had originally planned. Starting from June 1st, free accounts will have their limits imposed and premium features will be locked out. But don’t worry, all existing content will be safe and available! As a sign of thanks and appreciation of all the support given to us so far, there will be a 25% discount for all annual subscription plans until June 1st. Check them out here! If you have any questions, please email me at I’m a reasonable person and I promise I won’t bite!

While I do apologize for this abrupt announcement, I hope you will now understand why we decided to enact our subscription plans earlier than planned.

Have a great day guys!

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