Smarter Notes, Happier Work

There are a lot of moving parts in Ryeboard. You can leave snarky comments through the comment card, view all your work through the dashboard, and organize team files through the content card. But the real building block of your work in Ryeboard is most likely the note card. In fact, note cards take up 74.7% of all card interaction time (#2 is content card at 17.5%)!

Because of this, we’ve spent a lot of our time improving the note card and plan to continue doing so for the future. Better notes, better work right? Some of the improvements that have recently been developed are below:

  • Focus Mode: A full-screen editing mode prefect for longer editing sessions.
  • Code blocks: Code block styles for showcasing code. Inline code styles coming very soon.
  • Font colors!
  • Bug fixes!
  • Performance improvements!
The new focus mode!

But our work is faaaar from over!

We have been debating on whether to adopt the traditional Rich Text format or newer Markdown-like formats for our note cards. After a lot of feedback from the community and internal discussions within the team, we have opted to use markdown formatting for note cards. Using markdown format allows easy copy-paste workflows on Ryeboard with other apps as well as easier export of your work! However, this also means we’ve had to make some sacrifices such as throwing out the popular request of partial font size and color styling. Ultimately, we think the clarity markdown formatting provides will be much greater than the loss of finer styling control.

Secondly, the note card has one of the biggest card menus on Ryeboard. It’s getting very large and makes it difficult to add new features. We are playing around with more compact menu designs to provide a better user experience for everyone. Here’s a comparison of one of our newer designs and the current design:

Left is current design, right is the newer one

Oh you may have also noticed the new icon designs we are working on, which will be available very soon! Stay tuned!

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