Double Your Productivity in 5 Minutes.

Start your timer.

Here are 3 simple and quick ways you can double your work (or cut your work time in half!). Let’s get started!

1 – Recycle and Reuse

Ever feel like the report or email you’re writing is similar to one you’ve written in the past? Or maybe that chart you used in your last PowerPoint might come in handy during this week’s presentation! The point is, a lot of the daily work we do share similar content or, at the very least, structures with past work. Why reinvent the wheel? Create dedicated document templates, an asset management system, or start off your work with good ‘ol copy-and-pasting your previous stuff.

Or you could easily do this with Ryeboard‘s card system!

“Study the past if you would define the future.” – confucius

2- Visualize Alternatives Side-by-Side

A lot of our mental resources are spent on the “what if?“. Not only on “the one that got away” but during our work as well.

Why John, why?

Ever write three versions of your introduction? Perhaps you play around with your PowerPoint layout 50 times before getting started… only to change it another 50 times before submitting it. I am not arguing that this shouldn’t be done – looking at alternatives is key to standing out! However, do it in a non-linear fashion to save time and accurately compare scenarios. Use window managers to see alternatives side-by-side or layout your work on a whiteboard to compare pros and cons.

Applications like Ryeboard can help you do this as well.

Which version pleases me?

3 – Save. Your. Work. (Properly)

It’s taken for granted these days with the advent of cloud storage. This might seem pretty obvious and trivial to us – until it isn’t! We all know that friend who broke into cold sweat because he forgot his presentation or lost hours of work when her computer decided the world wasn’t worth living in anymore. Perhaps that friend is you.

Remember remember remember to save your work and have backup systems in place. Most modern software do this automatically these days but even they cannot make up for human stupidity. Make sure you don’t accidently delete your files, place them where you can find easily, and hope the magic inside your computer continues to work.

Of course, online platforms like Ryeboard can do the heavy lifting as well.

So there you have it. 3 ways to double (if not triple) your productivity. If these don’t work, give it another go on Ryeboard or take it up with me at!

PS. Yes, I am the founder of Ryeboard. Have a splendid day.

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