Exploring the Creativity Multiverse

You’re in the middle of writing an essay or an important client email and then suddenly you realize – “damn, what the hell am I writing.

There goes two hours of my time….

We’ve all been there.

What usually happens afterwards is a jumbled mess of trying out different hooks, restructuring your content, and trying out different voices. It’s chaotic, inefficient, and stressful. Regardless, the reason we continue to do this is because deep down, we know that the our eureka is out there somewhere.

And it is!

See, ideas are in what I like to call the Creativity Multiverse. It’s a realm that encompasses all the possible variations of your idea. Brainstorming is essentially exploring this wondrous realm and comparing alternatives to find the version that fits your need.

But you see, most of our tools aren’t really designed to compare explore this multiverse. Think about popular word processors or text editors around you – they’re pretty linear and feel more like squeezing / forcing out ideas out instead of discovering them! If we can find an appropriate vehicle, it’ll make our hard work muuuch easier.

Yes it does Jake 😦

What we need is a tool to easily navigate the Creativity Multiverse. For starters, it can’t be a linear tool. You should be able to easily switch back and forth from drafts and experiment with your writing. Better yet, you should be able to visualize how they stack up against each other at a glance.

Secondly, it should allow for modular, composable workflows. What this means is that you should easily be able to mix different parts of your versions to create new ones. This comes in super handy when two versions of your writing contains both pros and cons – why not combine the best parts of them?

Lastly, why not grab a tool that allows for cooperation? Exploring the vast realm of the Creativity Multiverse can be confusing and scary at times, why not do it with a friend! Having the ability to collaborate with other members online can help make sure that your writing has the intended effect on your readers.

So there you have it. The Creativity Multiverse is vast and intimidating at times. But if you find a tool that helps with the three points above, navigating it should be a breeze. You know, a tool like Ryeboard.

PS. Yes, I am the founder of Ryeboard. Have an awesome day.

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