Whoops… But Better Tomorrows.

So we screwed up.

Last week we discovered a nasty little bug that caused people (including members of the Ryeboard team) to “lose” content on their boards. If you had an experience where some cards on your board turned white and contained no content, you have been bitten by this bug! And for that, I apologize.

Fortunately, the bug was a relatively easy fix and will bring back your data once you revisit your effected board(s). This bug should no longer be occurring and we will take measures to make sure something like this does not happen again! Thanks for being patient with us and let us know if you find any bugs like this at john.uhyb@ryeboard.com

OK, now for the happier news.

Here we go!

The new Dashboard 1.5 was released last week along with the bug fix. It features a new UI that makes managing boards and cards much easier. While the visual changes are awesome, the biggest productivity addition would have to be the ability to multi-select boards and cards now. Simply hold shift and click to select several items. We also have more exciting features in the works such as:

  • Board preview images
  • Board information UI
  • Sharing of cards
  • Editing of cards from the dashboard
  • And more!

Other than the dashboard, we fixed several other minor bugs and are working on a new navigation system, export options, and drawing 2.0! Expect to see all of these in August – it’s going to be an exciting month!

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