What the heck is Ryeboard?

It’s time for that dreaded question: what is Ryeboard and where will it go?

Honestly, it’s something we should have asked ourselves months ago. But it’s a question we chose to put off because it was difficult one and we felt it restricted our creative direction. Now the time has come to really ask ourselves and the community – what the heck is Ryeboard?

iron man question GIF

Because we have awesome interest from awesome places like below:

Some of the love we got recently from Reddit and Hacker News

But also feedback like these:

This looks like the kind of product that shows up all the time in marketing materials but isn’t actually useful for real work.

– metalliqz

…What is this exactly?

– dmitriid

It seems well developed (minus the bugs folks are reporting), but I’m not entirely sure why I would use this instead of a normal document.

– ztratar

The team recently realized that the Ryeboard we created was a tool that wanted to be everything but stretched itself too thin and didn’t really have a significant impact on peoples’ lives. According to a comment on Hacker News:

…You feed everyone, you nourish no one….

– Ace___

Yup, couldn’t have said it better! It’s obvious that Ryeboard needs to find an identity for itself to be taken seriously and grow into a mature product. So that’s what we’ll be doing the next few weeks – asking ourselves, what the heck is Ryeboard?

The Survey

We want this process to start with our community – everyone that came to Ryeboard in all it’s jumbled, mumbled glory and stood with us. We appreciate you guys sticking around for the ride but now ask you to take the steering wheel for a bit. Below is a survey that you can answer to help guide what Ryeboard will become in the future and as a bonus, all respondents will receive a free 6 months of the basic subscription plan!

Make sure to hurry as the offer is only available to Feb 11.

Thank you guys – hope lot’s of you show up!

*For current subscribers, your next 6 months will be free of charge.

*Coupons will be given out to respondents after the survey period

Join the Conversation


  1. Hey John-great idea. I’m interested but it appears I am late to the game. Can you give me more info on how to get involved? Much appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re just on time!

      Feel free to take the survey to give us an overview of your needs or email me directly to share ideas.

      Look forward to hearing from you Heather 🙂


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