Project content management: make online collaboration practical

We share lots of good (and bad) ideas that get jumbled and lost when working in teams. It’s what makes collaboration confusing and hard to manage. And it gets more difficult when it goes digital.

On computers, we have a habit of collaborating and just leaving the ideas… somewhere. We use Maybe it’s somewhere waaaay deep inside that dusty Google Drive folder. Or perhaps it’s just sitting as an email or Slack attachment. Not everyone has access to (or know of) your team’s content vault! Consequently, not everyone is one the same page.

A typical relationship between a PM and a team member 😦

It’s no surprise that a lot of teams are finding online collaboration to be impractical and difficult. There needs to be a better way to manage this flow of ideas and information so that everyone has a better idea of what’s going on. There needs to be a more practical way to manage all of this project content!

What is Project Content Management?

Project Content Management (PCM) is the process of collecting, organizing, and sharing content to achieve the goals and success criteria of a project. It’s a team’s process to deal with their ideas generated from everyday collaboration. Ideas and content can be as simple as a meeting note and complicated as an illustration file for the next landing page design.

So what are some common PCM workflows?

  • Store everything on a generic, centralized cloud storage solution like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Use different, specialized solutions depending on the content type. Such as using Figma or Zeplin for designs, Notion for company knowledge-bases, and Mural or Miro for real-time meeting information.
  • A communication based solution. Use chat and file sharing features when using Slack, file-attachments when using email, etc.

At the end of the day, these methods either result in heavy content fragmentation (everything is scattered!) or complicated monoliths of information that no-one wants to deal with. It’s not practical!

So how can we make this better?

How PCM software can help

PCM software helps you with your team’s PCM by enabling:

  • …teams to collect and even create content efficiently.
  • …managers to manage and organize large amounts of data flexibly and quickly.
  • …enable users to share and give context to content in a case-by-case, extensible manner. Basically, it should enable users to talk about the content in different contexts without affecting the actual content.

PCM software differs from something like a project management (PM) software as it has more to do with interacting with content (notes, websites, documents, ect). PM software usually focus more on planning and scheduling of projects. Content management systems (CMS) on the hand, usually have to do with managing external-facing content rather than team / internal data. In a way however, PCM software have qualities of both.

There many new exciting tools in the field of project management (Monday, Basecamp, Wrike) and in the field of content management (WordPress, Drupal, Zesty) today. But oddly enough the field of PCM is quiet… because there’s only one right now!

Ryeboard, the first dedicated PCM software

Ryeboard is the world’s first dedicated PCM software. It’s perfect for teams that want a maintainable, practical way to do online collaboration. Whether you need to collaborate in real-time, share content with different stakeholders, or analyze how your team works, Ryeboard has you covered.

Content you create on Ryeboard is dynamic and highly mobile. All edits are automatically shown to the rest of your team, content like images and even websites can be shared easily with drag and drop, and content can be shared to other boards or even as stand-alone websites. Bringing different types of content together has never been easier.

Work with anything on Ryeboard

Ryeboard’s online whiteboard is limitless and enables you to easily collaborate in real-time with your team and also helps visualize your content all-together. Thanks to the modular nature of content in Ryeboard, multiple boards can also share content simultaneously with all edits automatically synchronizing.

Content shared across different board automatically synchronize!

Finally, the dashboard enables your team to manage all the pieces of your PCM. See all the boards you’re working on, get a list of all the content on your boards, and manage them all with advanced search and filtering options. Once we start implementing team specific features this will become even more powerful!

See all your content – at a glance!

Give it a try!

Now is the perfect time to give something like Ryeboard a try with the current climate of remote working and our special offer during our beta stage. Feel free to contact us at for any questions or problems you have. We reply within a day!

See you guys soon 🙂

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