Ryeboard in 2020

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2020 is almost over guys!

A lot has happened during the year of COVID. At the Ryeboard team, we started off with great hopes but soon came full stop as South Korea had its first spike of positive cases. It was a scary experience!

Despite this, we quickly adapted and rushed to provide for the growing need for online collaboration tools around the world. It was difficult but we’re proud of what we have accomplished this year. Actually, I’m proud of how the entire world has swiftly shifted towards a online work environment in a matter of months. It’s been incredible!

Working on something like Ryeboard during these times has been special. We were in a unique position to provide assistance to people all over the world to help them continue to do their work through the pandemic. It has been a humbling experience.

As 2021 comes around, I wanted to take some time to reflect and share what Ryeboard did in 2020 to help our community work online.

Who did we serve?

We had a wide range of people join us this year. The top 3 segments were:

  • 30% identified as working in education
  • 17% identified as working in engineering
  • 8% identified as working in design

While most came to do work, some came to take care of personal stuff.

  • 50% of users came for work reasons
  • 35% of users came for personal reasons

*15% of users declined to answer

We also gave a 50~100% discount to educational and non-profit organizations to help with those who were struggling with the pandemic.

What new features were launched?

Ryeboard has always been built upon the feedback of the community. We rolled out several exciting features this year. A few key features include:

  • Our web-clipper, the most requested feature ever!
  • A mobile web version
  • Downloading boards in PDF or PNG format
  • Duplicating boards
  • Connector arrows
  • Chatting
  • … and more!

Check out the entire list here and here.

We also nearly tripled our users this year which was incredibly flattering! However that meant we had to optimize our performance to support the increase in users. Consequently, I’m proud to report that we have increased our server performance by ten-fold this year!

Our thoughts and reflections

It’s weird to think about where we stood in 2019 as an online whiteboard platform. At the time few people even heard of online whiteboards and even fewer felt the need to use one when they had physical ones at their office. Fast forward a year and online whiteboards have suddenly hit the mainstream productivity market!

There are a lot of online whiteboard solutions out there now. Some focus on doing lectures, others focus on workshops, and others do enterprise well. It’s awesome to see so much innovation in this industry. We welcome this growth in the industry and feel that Ryeboard will become even more competitive in the years to come.

To be more specific, I believe Ryeboard is light years ahead of other products when it comes to organization and content support. Our board and card system is uniquely positioned to enable teams to easily organize and find content from anywhere with metadata. In addition, common file types like PDFs or PNGs and even things like websites are handled all within Ryeboard. Our vision is to eventually become an online whiteboard with its own content library.

While we’re not quite where we’d like to be yet, we are getting there. We’ve learned so much by helping people we’d never even considered using Ryeboard before the pandemic, from teachers trying to adapt to online learning to game builders playing table-top role playing games.  It’s given us a lot of insight about how ryeboard can be used, and 2021 will be an exciting time.  While we have our own plan we’d love your feedback- what killer feature do you want to see next?


Our teams has worked hard this year to do our part during the pandemic. We’re looking forward to 2021 and already started planning out some great things for the year. I hope Ryeboard continues to serve the community for years to come 🙂

* Again, take this 5 minutes survey for a free 6 months of subscription!

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